Laravel + Angularjs + Bootstrap + AdminLTE binded by Gulp workflow Admin Dashboard Boilerplate. Plus Oauth and JWT authentication on the side.


Built With




$ composer install && npm install

Open .env and enter necessary config for DB and Oauth Providers Settings.

$ php artisan migrate
$ php artisan db:seed


Open .env file, if it does not exists copy .env.example file .

Since Most of the configuration are laravel defaults, we will only cover additional env configurations. Click here for laravel configuration details

Name description
MAIL_FROM System Email From Address
MAIL_FROM_NAME System Email From Name
GITHUB_CLIENT_ID Github Oauth client id. click here to create one.
GITHUB_CLIENT_SECRET Github Oauth client secret
GITHUB_REDIRECT Where to redirect after Github authentication. Example: http://yourdomain.com/auth/github/callback
GOOGLE_CLIENT_ID Google Oauth client id. click here for instructions on how to create one.
GOOGLE_CLIENT_SECRET Google Oauth client secret
GOOGLE_REDIRECT Where to redirect after Google authentication. Example: http://yourdomain.com/auth/google/callback
FACEBOOK_CLIENT_ID Facebook Oauth client id. click here for instructions on how to create one.
FACEBOOK_CLIENT_SECRET Facebook Oauth client secret
FACEBOOK_REDIRECT Where to redirect after Facebook authentication. Example: http://yourdomain.com/auth/facebook/callback


General Workflow

$ gulp && gulp watch

Open new terminal

$ php artisan serve

Open http://localhost:8000/

Default Username/Password: admin@example.com / password

Angular Generators

In order to get the right menu automatically generated you must respect some conventions.

$ artisan ng:page name       #New page inside angular/app/pages/
$ artisan ng:dialog name     #New custom dialog inside angular/dialogs/
$ artisan ng:component name  #New component inside angular/app/components/
$ artisan ng:service name    #New service inside angular/services/
$ artisan ng:filter name     #New filter inside angular/filters/
$ artisan ng:config name     #New config inside angular/config/

Click Here to learn more about artisan generators.

Karma Testing

$ karma start

PHP Unit

$ phpunit

Deploy to heroku


1. Click deploy button

2. After build and "successfully deployed", Click Manage App

3. Go to settings and click "Reveal Config Vars"

4. Set necessary config for DB based from CLEARDB_DATABASE_URL or from your custom database

5. Execute migration and db seed with the following commands

Database Migration

$ heroku run php artisan migrate --app your_app_name

Database Seeds

$ heroku run php artisan migrate --app your_app_name

FAQ / Issues

  1. New Component not showing up

    There's a current bug where it requires you to restart gulp && gulp watch everytime a new file is created.

    Just press control + c and enter gulp && gulp watch again.

  2. Curl error 60

    This is a laravel issue.

    Click Here to see solution

  3. file_get_contents(path/to/your/script/public/build/rev-manifest.json): failed to open stream.

    Open your terminal and enter the following:

    $ npm install


    $ gulp


This project wont be possible without the following, We acknowledge and are grateful to these developers for their contributions to open source. All necessary credits are given.